Test Lab 2017

FPL 2018 is delivered in partnership with the University of Birmingham, Lapworth Museum Of Geology and Sampad South Asian Arts  & Heritage. Artists test out and make connections with geological research to explore intersections between digital, physical and cultural practice.

Shaheen Ahmed collaborated with Dr Carl Stevenson to explore his research using geophysics to determine the large-scale geometry and internal architecture of intrusions in rock formations. Ahmed developed her digital practice in mapping connections with Pakistan.

Choreographer and performer, Divya Kasturi, collaborated with Dr Stephan Lautenschlager to explore form and function prevalent in his work on extinct fossil vertebrates, making connections between South Asian dance forms, repetition, language, movement and seismology.

Winner of a Jerwood Prize in 2017 and artist at the 57th Venice Biennale’s Disapora Pavilion, Barbara Walker collaborated with academic Dr Sebastian Watt connecting volcanography, sonography and satellite imagery to explore the connection between chemical data and Commonwealth war graves.