Future Possibilities Lab seeks to explore connections between arts and science to develop new meanings. Artists take part in research with academics to experiment with their practice, making connections with culture, difference, language and its relevance to Black Asian and Minority Ethnic experiences. The initiative employs new media, test labs, discussion and workshops.

Test Lab 2017-18 was developed at Lapworth Museum of Geology at the University of Birmingham. Artists experimented with scientific research relating to geological maps, extinct fossils and chemicals from volcanic rocks to map personal journeys, explore movement and South Asian dance and to make connections with the African Caribbean contribution to World Wars I & II.

Future Possibilities Lab is a pilot project developed and curated by José Forrest-Tennant and funded through an Arts Council England individual Grants for the Arts, University Of Birmingham Public Engagement Research Funding and is supported by Lapworth Museum and Sampad South Asian Arts & Heritage.